Fast Facts

  • Dispensing Practices manage the care of 9 million patients.
  • The are 13000 retail pharmacists who receive 438 million health-related visits per year.
  • Dispensing Masters from Marketing Masters provides access to all of these outlets.

Dispensing Masters from Marketing Masters

The Dispensing Masters Telemarketing Service is a highly flexible resource at your fingertips, helping to communicate commercial benefits and make the most of opportunities. Dispensing Masters offers a full range of direct marketing services which target, educate and influence the dispensing market (Dispensing Doctors, Pharmacies and Hospitals ).This department is essential for providing a sales and information service for all Dispensaries throughout the UK. All of these buying points are key partners to manufacturers and accessible via Dispensing Masters.

Dispensing Masters delivers a route to market for pharmaceutical products and medical devices; providing a complete commercial service. We have a team of specialist commercial Telesales Account Managers with extensive UK market knowledge and success.

New product launches, growing your market share or ad-hoc tactical announcements, from segmented targeted communications through to market saturation.

Why choose Dispensing Masters?

  • Cost effective
  • Fast and Flexible
  • Fully compliant – MHRA approved

Dispensing Masters provides rapid and impactful interactions with these key groups enabling manufacturers to develop its products and services.

Contact us now and implement your dispensary commercial plans.