Every year your Compliance Team needs to make every effort to obtain a response from all HCPs which your Company has worked with around their willingness to consent to individual disclosure payments.

Transfer of value disclosure is part of a European-wide initiative to increase transparency between pharmaceutical companies and those doctors, nurses, pharmacists, health care professionals, other relevant decision makers and organisations they work with. Although consenting to identifiable disclosure is entirely voluntary Companies need to endeavour to contact the HCP and ask for consent. The challenge is often limited resource within the team to carry out this important task as well as poor response (yes or no) from the HCPs.

Marketing Masters began in 2003 and is a healthcare-exclusive outsource partner that expands its clients’ ability to reach Healthcare Professionals via the telephone and other complementary channels.

Marketing Masters…

  • has successfully delivered thousands of healthcare projects for client companies including transfer of value consent;
  • is MHRA approved, fully ABPI compliant and
  • adverse event/pharmacovigilance trained.

All our projects are protocol-driven and fully compliant.

We have developed a robust process designed to enable us to contact named HCPs on your behalf. We gather consent status to have the transfers of value associated with the individual HCP publicly disclosed with the ABPI.

The Marketing Masters Team develop the call protocol and all other materials needed for this activity for copy approval.

The named HCPs

  • are contacted, initially by phone, and then with a follow-up email and
  • asked to respond to the email to confirm their consent status.

Weekly reports are sent to the client company to track outcomes.

This has resulted in a significantly higher response rate when compared to mailings/email campaigns alone…exceeding the internal compliance team targets. You simply pass the database to us and we will prepare the programme for you. It’s a robust, hassle-free solution enabling you to meet your compliance needs.

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